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Why I joined my my1dollarbusiness

The goal of $1 Membership Benefits is to help you save hundreds of dollars and get on the road to a more successful financial future. Here is where you can open your mind to the fact that a better life and success is a real possibility for you and your family.

So excited to be a part of My1dollarbusiness!!! In network marketing, as well as in life, you may have heard it said, “Timing is Everything.” The same is true here. However, many people sign up to play the game and never act upon their decision. It’s not the decision that is so important to success, rather the action put forth after making the decision which will effect the outcome. We really really want to help change lives, and know that we can do this with your help. Together, we can become a movement which helps enrich and change lives forever, not only with the additional money, but with the products too. Remember this today and meditate on it as you think about where you want to be a year from now or even five: “Timing is Everything.” This is your time, and the time is NOW, and NOW is the time to take action. Give it your best shot. You never know until you try.

Why I joined my my1dollarbusiness and think you should consider joining as well.

Here are the top 5 reasons Team Building Project (TBP) members around the world are joining

1.NO monthly fees.

2.NO nutritional drinks, weight loss products, cosmetics, etc.

3.NO auto-ship requirements or product inventory.

4.No geographic borders or boundaries.


Check out the new videos I just posted explaining the DubLi Network opportunity!./p>

Pete, we are launching new DubLi Network teams in the United States.

Here it is folks!!! We have made a major benefits decision! The Amazing Travel Program that usually sells for $29.99 per month or $300 a year and provides up to 70% OFF on over 400,000 Hotels Internationally IS NOW going to be in the PHASE 1 BENEFITS!!!

And that’s not all, There will be another BIG Announcement tomorrow. Stay Posted and Keep Building STRONG!!!

Finally, a Proven Profit System that leaves nobody out!

What you are about to discover is the greatest business opportunity America and Canada have ever seen!

•No experience necessary at all

•Work on your own terms and your own schedule

•Industry-leading company with a copyrighted pay plan

•Easy-access support in place for you to take advantage of

•Only requirement: A desire to take control of your financial future

The best part is… This business is absolutely free! There is no purchase required and no credit or debit card info requested. You can put your wallet away! No gimmicks, no gotchas!

Certain “trends” are changing the face of business forever. In fact, over 60 million people now work from the comfort of their homes and that number is growing rapidly!

We give you your own FREE personalized websites;

You don’t have to create it

You don’t have to update it

You don’t have to maintain it

All you have to do is share it with others!

The question is… Are YOU one of them?


You may only advance 1 phase per week once you are qualified to advance to that phase.

Once you qualify for Phase 1 with 2 personally referred members, your card will be charged for the $10.00 Phase 1 minus commission earned.


You will receive 25 cents for each personal referral who joins with you and you will receive 5 cents for membership purchase in your 2×10 structure.

You will receive $2.50 for each personal referral who follows you into phase 1 and you will receive 50 cents for each upgrade to phase 1 in your 2×10 structure.

You will receive $5.00 for each personal referral who follows you into phase 2 and you will receive $1.00 for each upgrade to phase 2 in your 2×10 structure.

You will receive $12.50 for each personal referral who follows you into phase 3 and you will receive $2.00 for each upgrade to phase 3 in your 2×10 structure.

You will receive $25.00 for each personal referral who follows you into phase 4 and you will receive $5.00 for each upgrade to phase 4 in your 2×10 structure.

If you do not advance to a phase, you will stay on your current phase with a monthly payment.

Commissions are automatically applied to partially pay for or completely pay for your Phase payment if you have enough to cover it. The remainder is charged to the card on file.

Phase 1 upgrades happen on Saturday Night. Phase 2 upgrades on Friday, Phase 3 upgrades on Thursday and Phase upgrades 4 on Wednesday.

You can only upgrade if you have the required amount of sales in your team. For example, it takes 50 team sales in order to advance to phase 4.


1. Refer 2 to move to phase 1 and qualify for all commissions through 4 phases. (potential phase 1 income = $1,000+/month)

2. Grow a team of 10 to move to Phase 2. (potential phase 2 income = $2,000+/month)

3. Grow a team of 20 to move to Phase 3. (potential phase 3 income = $5,000+/month)

4. Grow a team of 50 to move to Phase 4. (potential phase 4 income = $10,000+/month)

5. Personally enroll 10 to pre-qualify for a free Luxury Vacation.

6. Personally enroll 100 to qualify for Profit-Sharing and a Free All Expense Paid Luxury Vacation.

7. Customer Income. We will soon open a Store where you can sell more great products and services and earn top commissions.

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