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Tony Robbins On The Power Of Network Marketing – FULL Webinar

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  • Sup Brah

    Network marketing attracts the biggest douchebags. All posses zero self awareness of how fucking stupid they really come off.

    • parker barefoot

      I’v gone from one network marketing company to another. Military, and one job to another, college. All have great people, and NOT so great people. News flash, Everything is f#k^d!!! People are scared to death our country might implode this time next year. What I do know, one thing for certain,,FACT is, wealth does need to be redistributed, and we should NOT put that in hands of government… How do we break up the great beast? Network marketing is only real solution… WE ARE FREE, but everyone must pay their damn dues!! Entitlement is an epidemic

    • Jamesjajohn

      Sup Brah . These guys are extremely intelligent, just like in real business network marketing is not for most people. It took me years to learn how to do it to a good degree, you need courage and perseverance to succeed, sadly most western people are now very mentally weak.

    • parker barefoot

      Jamesjajohn very true

    • Naomi Williams

      LOL… REALLY?

    • Ernest Bruno

      I was in the same marketing group but in a different market and the market has all the difference in the world on your success.  Take the Cleveland Ohio Market for instance.  Their are only 3 group that are making 75,000.00 a year.  2 of those groups according to sources have dropped a total of 16 groups that were making 75,000.00 a year. Now those groups have dropped from 500,000.00 a year to  75,000.00 a year. Those Platnum Groups dropped like flies.

  • Jimmy Ray

    The number one rule to business and investment is to not lose money. The biggest problem with network marketing (I feel) is that people don’t know, or aren’t taught this rule, fully. They are encouraged to spend more on products, recruit others, and have them spend more on products, etc. Their reasoning for buying more products normally consist of the idea that you are buying something you need, investing in your business, and/or changing your buying habits and getting paid for it… But, that is not entirely true if you’re a consumer. The key to making money with an MLM is your ability to sell/share those products to those who need them (gaining customers) and teaching a small group to do the same. You don’t NEED to buy products or training tools to do that. That is what your up-line is for since you can leverage them for samples and mentoring. An MLM based around you having to buy products and get others to do the same is not worth the time.

    • Project 5000

      +Jimmy Ray Don’t confuse “losing money” with “investing”.

    • Jimmy Ray

      +Project 5000 what’s the difference here in network marketing? If you buy a product for personal consumption and to promote it, is that an investment? Some people who say yes! They would also say that it is a necessary investment! But what if you can never sell what you buy? Are the products you bought no longer an investment? Probably. Probably not. Maybe a book on selling consumable products might be a better investment. It would all depend on how you look at it. I don’t confuse investing with losing money. In fact, many entry level investors lose money at first. Some more than others. I’m only concern with knowing the difference between a good investment and a bad one. Education is a good investment in my eyes. Monetarily free education is the best, because it only costs you time and sweat equity! Or you may even get paid to learn.

  • Matthew Schutze

    it took me months and months to find a job and I finally found one but Im only earning $150 a week. they rejected me from university because there’s too much applicants. should I learn network marketing ?

    • Yermek Kalkenow

      +Matthew Schutze Hello Matthew! Yes, the Network Marketing is the best kind of businees in the world!
      I love and adore it.

      And the project which I want to show you is more important than Herbalife.
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      It is an International Partnership Fundraising Charitable Program.
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      The project has united already more than 800 000 people from 142 countries around the world since 2011 and the number of New Fundraisers is rapidly aproaching the 1st million people.

      The size of your earning is unlimited. You decide yourself how much and how quickly you want to earn. Everything depends only on your own desire! There is no minimum limit for money withdrawl.There is no need to buy or force anyone to buy useless goods and services. Money is the most required product in the world! It is possible to make money without invitations others. (there’s is a special service for that) You need just a few minutes a day.

      Click the link for more details and you will understand why it is really important and how it works at

    • jphamgroup

      +Matthew Schutze network marketing will give you life skills that you won’t acquire at a job or at university. do it but make the decision to become a pro and not treat it like a lottery ticket like many do. the cost of entry is so low and people expect to be millionaires overnight. it’s ok to start as an amateur but don’t stay there!
      1st thing people have to learn is you can’t become the person you want to be with the same thinking that got you where you are today. so work on yourself, the skills, the mindset. all of it. network marketing is the highest paid profession with, to me, the most satisfying lifestyle. with the right people, system, and company.

    • DreamsLived

      +Matthew Schutze I’m not even a sales rep for herbalife and I would say go for it. I have friends who do it. Some are great at it and others aren’t. It is all about what you will do to reach your goals. This business model is great when there is an actual product involved and your income is not based primarily on recruiting other people. I’m involved in two companies and they have truly been a blessing to my life. I hope you do well with Herbalife or whatever business you get involved in.

    • toqir anwar

      Matthew Schutze plz go through these leo link best network business company

    • sergio ramirez

      Matthew Schutze Have you decided to join?

  • Badri Salam

    Q net.

  • Kevin Young

    This is an excellent interview and even more, he’s spot on!

  • Dirk Bahler

    Robert Kiyosaki has the potential to improve himself.
    How? Don’t interrupt your wife in public too often.
    Let her speak out, what she wants to say and then say your own words.
    In this interview he interrupted her in 3 of 4 times she spoke.

  • Tehutii55

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  • Drew Huibregtse

    I love Robert Kiyosaki haha

  • bigboijwill

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  • Mr. Redfield

    so true, Robert is so harsh but honest about the reality of the employee

  • Mr. Redfield

    so amazing to see such great entrepreneurs and teachers gathering together to endorse the greatest industry in history

  • LAZO

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  • Hamed Zanjirai

    Can’t trust the bald

  • Jemmy Fahy

    Great Video

  • grapsta

    Am I the only person disappointed that Tony Robbins supports MLM ? Almsot on one makes any money doing it …..can’t take him seriously anymore after watching this

    • Tobias Tang

      the difference is that I’m not afraid of failure in fact I love it. I’m okay with whatever results cus as least I’m willing to try and learn.

    • grapsta

      I’ll leave you with this ….people in cults dont know htey’ve been brainwashed unless they somehow get unbrainwashed. go read Merchants of Deception and see if none of it sounds familiar to you

    • Tobias Tang

      yeah, I’ll leave you with this… about people like Tony Robbins, Robert Kiosaki, Warren Buffet, Donald Trump…..I can keep going but, It’s not that all those successful entrepreneurs are all brainwashed to support network marketing but they are all “brainwashed” to be Outstanding and Successful. If you don’t want that, you can go ahead and keep being “brainwashed” by your school teachers and “friends” who only wanna work for someone else for the rest of their lives. My point is this : Those famous entrepreneurs praise network marketing obviously because there’s something good about it. Of course it’s not for every single individual but it’s got its advantages. Peace

    • grapsta

      +Tobias Tang none of which made their money in network marketing

    • tami seghir

      Grapsta you are wrong Robert kiyosaki made his fortune with network marketing, Donald also made a lot of money with ACN…

  • McRider Brown

    Great Vid!

  • itsalwaystimeforguit

    32:14 Robert K

  • RogueReplicant

    One valuable insight I got from Tony is that we have to both ACHIEVE THE BREAKTHROUGH AND THEN SUSTAIN IT.

  • Keith Muhammad

    “EITHER YOU RUN THE DAY OR SOMEONE RUNS IT FOR YOU”…Take a look at the Good Life Usa

  • John D

    These false gods make a living selling hope to the millions failing in MLM, a system designed to create failure so that <5% at the top get rich. While chasing the dream, they have converted you into being merely clients.