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How to stay Motivated to promote my1dollarbusiness

“I have found it extremely easy to stay motivated and refer people into My1dollarBusiness everyday” Robert H.!

I am regular affiliate of my1 dollar Business and really excited about the opportunity, because:

1.It cost only $1 monthly, very affordable

2.It is fully automated and require no extra work on your part other than just sharing your link with others

3.For just $1 monthly, I have the potential to earn up to $10.000 monthly.

4.Apart from the financial benefits, just the products alone are a thousand times worth more than $1

5.The free Luxury Vacation worth $ —— that comes as bonus is something I am looking forward to archiving myself.

6.Sharing in the entire company profits is a milestone I am looking forward to to achieving. How cool is that to be able to share in a company profits without being part of the owners or even owning shares in the company?

The above and many other exciting benefits are what awaits any affiliate of my1 dollar Business. That is what keep me motivated everyday sharing this awesome one dollar business opportunity.

Robert H.! Happen to be my sponsor in the my1dollarbusiness and has the largest private facebook support group for this one dollar business opportunity.

It was very intriguing and enticing when I read his facebook post titled:“I have found it extremely easy to stay motivated and refer people into My $1 Business everyday”. I could not sleep until I have fully read and understood what he meant.

I was already motivated and excited about the one dollar Business opportunity, and then reading what he meant, gave me a sleepless night.

This is so amazing, such that I thought I shared it with everyone, to help them understand what a giant the my1 dollar business is. Here is how Robert H. explains it,  how extremely easy it is to stay motivated and refer people into My $1 Business everyday.

How to stay motivated and refer people into My $1 Business everyday:

Each person I enroll for just $1 has the potential to pay me $25 per month when they rank up to Phase 4!

I currently have 105 paid personal referrals. Just those 105 paying personal referrals will pay me $2,625 in monthly commissions when they make it to Phase 4. That is just the personal referral commissions, I will earn an additional $5 from all the other downline members in my 2 x 10 matrix that make it to Phase 4.

I know some will make it to Phase 4 and some will not because they can’t see the long term vision, they quit everything before they have time to experience success. They are concerned because there has been a few bumps in the road during pre launch or they are bent out of shape about having to pay out of pocket for the level up to each phase until they make it to Phase 4.

I plan to personally bring in 500+ people by the end of 2017. Why? Because there is not another opportunity out there that is easier to share! Yes, the structure of the pay plan will not allow you to make any money fast. You make pennies at the $1 level and it builds slow because the most you can advance is one phase per week until your reach Phase 4 so you need to be prepared for a Delayed Gratification, but it is Worth The Wait!

And a few days later, he posted this: “Not bad for $1 out of pocket and we just leveled up to Phase 2. The income per referral is 5x’s more in Phase 4! You get there by doing one thing…sharing this simple $1 to join business with people! Set a goal to enroll one person each day!“


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