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A 2×10 Forced Matrix Has a Very Useful Effect on Team Building!

Watch the video below and hear what the founder of My1DollarBusiness, Steve Gresham, has to say about it.

That effect will benefit you, help towards building your team and reward you with greater earnings.

My1DollarBusiness is helping people start again!

It’s helping people recover financially!

It’s helping people who can’t afford $50, $100 or $150 a month for another mlm!

How Your Income Could Grow


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Each of the four phases is paid for or partially paid for by your commissions earned in the previous phase.

THE ONLY WAY you can advance through the phases is to already be successful and have a growing team!

There’s never been a system like this before and million dollar income producers believe it will create more success than any other system of its kind in the history of home-based business!

You may only advance 1 phase per week once you are qualified to advance to that phase.

Read This Red Text Carefully!

Once you qualify for Phase 1 with 2 personally referred members, your card will be charged for the $10.00 Phase 1 minus commission earned.

So you may have $3.50 in commissions then your card would be charged the difference between $10 and $3.50 – $6.50

You may be lucky, and get a lot of people in your team fast, and your commissions could be $8.50. Therefore your card would be charged $1.50.

It depends on your marketing and contacts…and their contacts.

Whatever happens you start with $1 and gives many people a chance to make money! And the products and benefits will also help people to save money.

Your $1 Member Benefits:


   $700 or more in printable coupons. Use as often as you like.

   Cash for receipts program module. Get paid to scan your receipts.


   Best Price Shopping App. Scan a bar code and instantly find the best price.

   My1DollarBusiness Training Module

   Marketing Training Module

   Personal Development Module

   Home-Based Business Tax Savings Module

   Complete Business in a Box

The goal of $1 Membership Benefits is to help you save hundreds of dollars and get on the road to a more successful financial future. Here is where you can open your mind to the fact that a better life and success is a real possibility for you and your family.


You receive 25 cents for each personal referral who joins with you and 5 cents for membership purchase in your 2×10 structure.

You receive $2.50 for each personal referral who follows you into phase 1 and 50 cents for each upgrade to Phase 1 in your 2×10 structure.


You receive $5.00 for each personal referral who follows you into phase 2 and $1.00 for each upgrade to Phase 2 in your 2×10 structure.

You receive $12.50 for each personal referral who follows you into phase 3 and $2.00 for each upgrade to Phase 3 in your 2×10 structure.

You receive $25.00 for each personal referral who follows you into phase 4 and $5.00 for each upgrade to Phase 4 in your 2×10 structure.

If you do not advance to a phase, you will stay on your current phase with a monthly payment.

Commissions are automatically applied to partially pay for or completely pay for your Phase payment if you have enough to cover it. The remainder is charged to the card on file.

Phase 1 upgrades happen on Saturday Night. Phase 2 upgrades on Friday, Phase 3 upgrades on Thursday and Phase upgrades 4 on Wednesday.

You can only upgrade if you have the required amount of sales in your team. For example, it takes 50 team sales in order to advance to Phase 4.


   Refer 2 to move to Phase 1 and qualify for all commissions through 4 phases. (Potential phase 1 income = $1,000+/month)

   Grow a team of 10 to move to Phase 2. (Potential phase 2 income = $2,000+/month)

   Grow a team of 20 to move to Phase 3. (Potential phase 3 income = $5,000+/month)

   Grow a team of 50 to move to Phase 4. (Potential phase 4 income = $10,000+/month)

   Personally enrol 10 to pre-qualify for a free Luxury Vacation.

   Personally enrol 1000 to qualify for Profit-Sharing and a Free All Expense Paid Luxury Vacation.

   Customer Income. We will soon open a Store where you can sell more great products and services and earn top commissions.

  1. having a team of 10, 20 or 50 does NOT mean you are the sponsor of them all. You may have sponsored 4 and other people sponsor more people therefore making your team grow.


As each phase is accomplished, our members are provided with more incredible benefits including:


   Programs that supply great deals on products and services*

   Apps that help you save and make money

   Amazing Travel Discount Programs

   Tax Savings Software and Training*

   24 hour Roadside Assistance*

   Family Legal Plan*

   Programs that pay you for scanning your receipts when you shop

   Programs that help you find the best deals when shopping

   Powerful Personal Development and Success Modules

   A luxury 7-night, 5-star Vacation valued at $1,899 per week

   An all-expense paid Luxury 7-night, 5-star Vacation valued up to $4,000

And more!

The * indicates USA members only. Other benefits are, generally, for all members worldwide.

Your next step is to click on the image below, visit and read the information on the main site, and join me. We have all been praying for a ‘low start cost opportunity’ like this. My1DollarBusiness is it!

You can use My1DollarBusiness as a means to make the money to join a more expensive business!

Money Makes Money! My1DollarBusiness is Your Leverage & Solution!

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