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My1dollar Business Success Tip of the day

This is really awesome and tips like this are not only rewarding or motivating, they make me proud of myself for making the right decision in the first place to join my1dollar Business.

This is what my1dollar Business just released as success tip of the day:

Success Tip of the day: How helping others helps you…

When you join for $1, did you know that the person who referred you earned 25cents… And the member who referred them earned 5cents, and the one who referred them earned 5cents and so on?

Did you know that for every $1 spent, 70% or 70cents is paid to the Representatives.

Same things happens at Phase 1. When you level-up, your sponsor earns 25% ($2.50) and their sponsor received 5% (50cents) and so on. Again, 70% is paid through the referral network and you are actually helping 10 people!

That means something special for you. You helped 10 people just by joining.

And when you help others, you open up a path for more success in your own life. Helping others is the key to success and happiness.

Helping 1 Million families become more successful and happy is our mission. Thank you for being an important part of that mission!

We look forward to seeing your increased success.

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