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Hillary has no business in power.

FBI Document Dump Proves This Woman Has No Business Anywhere Near Power I'm guessing that many of you do not know this, but there was another dump of 100 pages from the FBI yesterday relating to the investigation of Hillary Clinton.  Folks, I'm here to tell you, there is no way this woman ought to be anywhere near the Oval Office.  She ought not be anywhere near the White House.  I don't care what Donald Trump's faults […]

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America Cross Roads: Despair or Prosperity

America Cross Roads: Despair or Prosperity I pray that the majority of Americans have common sense, good sense, curiosity, empathy and self respect. This machine, this matrix, this system we live in has usually been subtle in controlling us.   Remember 911 (2001) just a terrorist attack folks, go back to work and keep shopping? But as well as that deception was done, it began to unravel. And continued to do so. At first we (including myself) […]

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Facebook censors my political comments

Markethive protects your freedoms, protects your privacy and leverages massive broadcasting to Facebook. I made some bitter comments regarding her royal liar and seizure Clinton and have lost my ability to post comments for several days. Thanks for reading. Please, Check out this Free Video Enlightenment: Shows you How to strike gold and make lots of money without joining any more programs or MLMs:

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Glenn E. Fleming, MD, MPH on MarketHive: Welcome to My Page!

Physician, small business owner, budding real estate/land investor, & educator on MarketHive, a social marketing platform for entrepreneurs that has the combined power of Facebook and LinkedIn.   I think of myself as just a regular guy who is passionate about those issues I believe affect us all. Those matters include (but are certainly not limited to): LGBT equality,  healthcare reform (which would include health information technology reform), education reform, prison/criminal justice reform, politics, government, business/investing, and more.  MarketHive […]

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