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5 Important Tips for PC Building

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This guy tried to build a PC without reading all the tips first – You won't BELIEVE what happens next! #3 is my favorite. Did that get you to click the video? Oh, you already clicked it. Well, I'm outta here then.

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Episode Credits:
Host: Linus Sebastian
Writer: Jack Sui
Editor: Kalvin Shum / Barret Murdock

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  • sarthak agarwal

    i am thinking to build a gaming pc, so which part should i buy first.

    • gregor Kosak

      Case rly doesnt matter.. first check Motherboard then procesor then GPU then Power Suply and then u r done.. and buy case for 200€ u will get 30fps+ then cheaper one ;PP

    • Jeffrey levouski

      the case is important, make sure all the parts you want fit the specifications of that model other wise everything won’t fit

    • Muffin Cannibal

      sarthak agarwal All of it

  • Dionysus

    I have never built a pc myself because my parents didn’t want me to have a pc because they apparently got viruses all the time but I think that is complete bs at least according to my experience, and yes I have a mac but it’s become a dinosaur by now.

    I don’t even know what kind of case I should get and how I should know what parts fit where and stuff like that.

  • TheBanjoShow

    my cousin chews tobacco and I was wondering if I can use the dip he’s chewed up and spit on the floor as thermal paste, also, can I use his chewed-up tobacco as liquid cooling instead of using the rancid milk I was originally going to use? One more thing, the X99 Asus motherboard costs too much so I was thinking about just pulling out the icetray from my freezer and using that for now as a motherboard. please reply for any suggestions, -love, Peter

  • MrSensitiveNipples

    Can you just turn of you pc and then add in more ram and then turn back on the pc and have the ram instantly work in your pc? Same goes for upgrading any other component.

    • Dex

      Yes, but you should unplug the power supply and flip the switch to be safe. Also, no you can not change any component. A power supply you can change as often as you want as long as it has the required power, but things like processors and hard drives, not so much. A graphics card is very easy to change, but you should use a tool like DDU to remove old drivers.

    • AznNavy

      Dex so to replace the processor youll need to replace the motherboard as well? Also, when he says you can ground yourself on the power supply, does he mean just touch it every so often or literally keep your hand on it when your moving parts around?

    • Manu Leach

      +Dex You should actually keep the PSU plugged in but with the switch in the off position, so that you can ground yourself on it

    • Manu Leach

      +AznNavy I kept a foot touching the PSU while I did ask the building outside the case, then, once I had the motherboard in the case, I periodically touched it, especially after I moved

  • Nole_ #SeaLion

    If I’m living in Thailand do I need to care a lot about static? I think my physics teacher said that higher humidity makes static less effective

  • Extracupanails

    I dont understand the whole “grounding yourself” thing and why we should do it? can I get a TL DR

    • DanTHEman

      Gavin Ok I don’t understand either and I was looking at building a pc or I might have to get an alien ware alpha r2 because the Orgin one is above my budget

    • Extracupanails

      +DanTHEman origin one? no just pick out cheap parts on your own and build it from there

    • Thnugget

      Gavin Ok you ground yourself so you don’t apply static electricity to the components of your computer as static electricity could damage those parts

    • Extracupanails

      +KingThnugget just built my first gaming PC, i was sure to touch my metal desk leg every 10 minutes 🙂 thank you

  • _ SrR _

    I know very little about computers….can I still build a PC?

  • nfsking2000

    Linus çok sempatiksin lan.

  • Adam Kammoun

    Right in the nerves ouch

  • Connor Harris-Swem


  • Sheena1234ization

    Instruction not clear enough, I put the CPU in the wrong way and put the entire thermal paste on the pins

  • TheCentaury

    I never needed a magnetic screwdriver …

  • bas hendriks

    4 screws fell into my power supply . i tried to get them out but broke it. 🙁 why does this happen to me…

  • KingStix

    that’s all you need, just the tip

  • AnnihilatorGaming

    Little did he know they would say that in sausage party

  • Science Fever #

    do more like these

  • Cringe Master 9000

    Instructions unclear, overused meme stuck in comment section.

  • Flightsimuatorx Fan

    Also make sure that the motherboard supports the ram speed of the ram.

  • Vincent_g

    Linus bruised his arm